Christmas is Fast Approaching

Preparing for the holidays, Adventure Pet Resort has seen a lot of wagging tails since last Friday. By now the days have ran together for us! Of course we saw our usuals; Miss Honey, Rosalita, Dooku, Bear, Betsy, Captain Hook, Ralph, Piper, Leonidas, Bolt, and a lot more. We even met some new furry friends! Bella, a very very cute three month old golden doodle came in for the first time Saturday for a temperament test. She of course passed, and then came in for a couple of hours the next day. In a couple of days she will be staying with us while her dad is on his trip. We see a true difference in first time boarding dogs when they first come in for daycare a couple of times before their reservation. They become comfortable with the park and with us as well. During this past week we have truly enjoyed seeing all of our furry friends and meeting some new ones as well.

In the parks, Ralph did his normal routine, napped on the bench until one of his best friends wanted to play. Usually it was Piper, Biscuit, or Pugsly that got Ralph off the bench. Sebastein too, but that was only so Ralph could bark at him. We don’t know why Ralph has this hatred for Sabastein, possibly because he’s cute and has been playing with Ralph’s girlfriend, Piper. Bolt found dogs to bark at, or found something interesting outside that he needed to bark at. He’s a funny guy, he’s a sweetheart, but boy does that bark go on forever! The Pack Leaders always get asked how we deal with the barking, jumping, hair, scratches; and we honestly have no idea. Selective hearing maybe? Tough skin and lint rollers. Most dogs bark for a reason and we’re here to fix whatever is wrong. On the other hand, like Bolt, some dogs just need their voice heard.

In the big dog park, everyone pretty much did their normal thing. Rosalita found a ball she needed to protect with all of her might, Miss Honey found her boyfriend Dooku and took their naps together. At the end of Hercules (Newfoundland) and Havocs (Golden Retriever) boarding they got a wonderful bath and Hercules came out looking like a fresh new bear and Havoc got a nice massage along with a little trimming. Bear liked to cause trouble, he’s our little trouble maker. He likes to distract the other dogs that have a toy he wants, after the other dog drops the toy Bear swoops in picks up the toy, and then blames it on someone else! He’s gotten Miss Honey in some arguments, usually it’s with Rosalita, and boy Miss Honey will win that fight! No one can win an argument with Miss Honey, not even the Pack Leaders! I don’t think we have talked about Captain Hook yet, he might need a whole blog to himself! Well Captain Hook, a very funny and sweet Boxer, has energy that could go on for miles. We know when he is coming in because his dad always backs in to the parking spot and Captain hops out of the back, the Pack Leaders yell out “Captains here” and we all come up to greet him. Lately his dad has been giving him a little talking to before opening the front doors and we just find it so funny. Once in the park Captain rules that space. He finds Miss Honey and starts going crazy and playing how we don’t want them to play, so eventually one of them takes a time out and after five minutes they’re together again. He can make friends with everyone, but the Pack Leaders don’t like when there is nipping, antagonizing, jumping on one another, or any other rough play. We will take the dog out that is doing it and put them in one of our suites for a time out just for five minutes so they will eventually realize “if I play this way, I get taken out and put in a room by myself”.

The Pack Leaders scurried around the facility taking care of all of the dogs that can’t be in the parks with everyone else. We are very busy this holiday season with all of our furry friends staying with us while their parents take a little vacation. On top of that we have our daycare open every day but Christmas day, along with grooming, so we are seeing a lot more than just the ones spending the weekend with us. Even though we are busy with everything our number one focus is the health and safety of our furry friends and we strive to be the best we can possibly be. We truly appreciate every single one of you and we are very lucky you trust us with your best friend! We hope to see all of you in the New Year and hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday!