The Ornaments Fly Above Us

The day began with a flip of a switch and turn of a lock. Betsy came in bright and early today, her first time being this early. She pranced to the park and her eyes went wide when she saw all of the toys, all to her self! She played for a good hour before plopping to the floor for a break. While she played the Pack Leaders fed the boarding dogs and brought them in to the park once they finished. Ralph our daily daycare came running up to the front door, barking, letting us know he has arrived. His mom dressed him in a snowman sweater which he showed off to all of his friends in the park. After he rolled around with Pugsly, he jumped up on his bench and watched everyone play. Miss Honey, our big dog daily daycare came in and greeted us at the gate. She’s still practicing her training, so “her person” commanded her to sit and stay before we gave her the okay to come past the gate, and she did it! We praised her and she happily walked down the hallway to go the park. She greeted Betsy and within seconds started playing tug-of-war. Back in the small dog park, Piper came in and instantly played with Sebastein, the cutest corgi in the world. After she played with Sebastein and little Boots, she needed a break so she hopped up on the bench with Ralph. They cuddled up together and watched everyone else play; well mainly Sebastein played with everyone, or tries to get them to play with him. One of our many favorites came in, Rosalita, the sweetest black lab you will ever meet. Before coming in, Rosalita dug in their backyard and ended up with a dirty nose, so her mom wanted to show it off to us. Betsy and Miss Honey greeted Rosalita in the park and after a quick sniff of each other Rosalita went on the hunt for a tennis ball. They were sadly in the wash, so she politely asked the Pack Leader, Danielle, to find one. The Pack Leader came back successful and Rosalita was happy once again. She carried the ball around until the Pack Leader left the park and then she laid out by the back door and people watched, of course guarding her ball at all times. When the Pack Leaders started doing their normal routine of cleaning and taking care of tasks, the girls played in Park 2 and everyone in Park 1 took their mid-morning naps.

Once it hit noon the Pack Leaders came in to Park 1 with a box we thought was full of balls, but they’re actually ornaments. Everyone followed the Pack Leaders around, hoping they will just throw one of them, or we would actually manage to steal one. Sebastein tried the most to get one and Piper was right there with him. It took the Pack Leaders just about half an hour to secure the ornaments to the ceiling and now we just watch them, moving around with the blow of the air conditioner. Did the Pack Leaders do this on purpose so we would constantly be distracted and intrigued by the ornaments, was this their evil plan? Come in and guess how many ornaments are in the park, the winner will get a surprise gift!img_4677

Once finished with the decorating, Ralph went to a suite to eat lunch and to take his mid-day nap. Bear the funniest whoodle came in barking letting us know the fun has arrived. Once off leash in the park he chased whatever moved and played for hours. Sebastein was checking out today and he greeted his parents at the window, they heard him walking down the hallway by the jingle of the bells on his Christmas collar. Slowly more of our friends were going home. First to go was Pugsly, after he got his couple hours in the spa with Natalie. He greeted his parents with a winter themed bandana and a fresh smelling coat. Next was Rosalita, she pranced down the hallway and sat at the gate as commanded until it was opened. She wiggled over to her dad and they walked out together. Next was Bear he came trotting out to see his parents. It was just Betsy and Miss Honey until a boarding came in early. Our big guy Hercules, who is a New Foundland, and Havoc, the neediest golden retriever. They were so happy to see the Pack Leaders, once past the gate they didn’t acknowledge their parents again. They ran in to the park, well for Hercules stomped in to the park, and then played with Miss Honey and Betsy. A little while after that Betsy was next, we get to see her again tomorrow morning. Roxie came in and Park 2 was back to four dogs. She doesn’t really like to play, just walk around and look out the window at people. It was once nap time again so everyone laid around with their favorite toy next to them for when the need to chew comes on.

Once it was later in the day it was time for the Pack Leaders to continue their duties. It’ll be time for our friends at Adventure Pet Resort to head to their suites for the rest of the night, which means the adventure will continue again soon!