Training is Here!

Adventure Pet Resort recently added a new trainer to their team and have been enjoying seeing the students learn and improve so much in the short time we’ve had our classes. Their motto is “a trained dog is a happy dog” and it is totally true. When dogs have mental and physically stimulation they are truly at their happiest. One of the students, Abbott, never wants to stop his training session, he is ready to do everything the trainer says. During the class, students will go out once at a time and work with the trainer and then after a little bit they’ll go back for a break. Abbott on the other hand never wants to take a break, he does anyways because he needs it, but he just waits for his turn again. Abbott is doing an intensive focus training where he will learn to focus on the human instead of distractions, like dogs or other people. He is a very high energy dog just over a year old, so the trainer is working with him on his leash pulling, interaction with other dogs, and his focus. A bonus to this training is that the trainer takes the dogs off site to work with them while having distractions like going to a park where there are other dogs and people. Another student, good ol’ Captain Hook has the same reasons for starting training. So far training sessions are just on Wednesday from 6/7 am-5/6 pm for $150 a session, but once there are more students it’ll be multiple classes during the week. We wanted to make improvements in the new year and were starting off strong! We hope to soon have a monthly calendar on our website to let you know when the slumber party will be for that month, when and what training classes we will have, and some other classes and fun activities we will have that month. This is it for now, until next time!