Windy Day Over at Adventure Pet Resort

The day started out slow and windy, but luckily not inside Adventure Pet Resort! At first it was just our boarding’s and Sammy our early morning cockapoo. When Pack Leaders came in for their shift they greeted all of the dogs and then started on their daily duties after they were covered in puppy kisses. After an hour our favorite lab, Rosalita stopped by, immediately followed by Miss Honey. Rosalita made sure to say hi to all of the Pack Leaders before walking down the hallway to see Havoc and Hercules. Once in the park she instantly went on the hunt for a ball. She found two believe it or not! Whenever someone would steal the ball from her she always knew where her spare was. Miss Honey came in hot! She knew she was about to have a good day, especially out of this wind. Miss Honey could hardly wait to walk in to the park, she was so excited she pranced down the hallway! In the park she found her favorite toy, it’s a larger ball with holes in it and a smaller ball inside of it. It rolls around perfectly and she just loves to slide into it so it rolls more. All of a sudden the Pack Leaders heard a faint barking coming from outside. We looked at one another and in sync said “Ralph”. Ralph burst in and ran straight to the gate, he jumped up on it while we signed him in. We carried him to the park and took off his snowman sweater since he plays a little rough and it doesn’t like to stay together. He found his bench and he laid there until his BFF Leonidas came in. Leo is a Shih Tzu who is still a puppy so he has energy that lasts for days. They rolled around and tousled till both of them just plopped to the floor for a nap.

It was a little later in the morning and Betsy came in! Miss Honey was very happy to see her! Betsy ran in and grabbed a rope toy, Miss Honey jumped right in and started playing tug-of-war. It was time for Rosalita to go home, she was very excited to see dad again. She said goodbye to the Pack Leaders and wagged on out. Later on another favorite came in, Lucy, a puppy bulldog. Now the fun really started! You would think after a while she would get winded and need a break, but boy you would be wrong! She could go for hours if we let her. We took her out after an hour so she could actually relax and catch her breath. The Pack Leader hung out with her for a little bit because she is a belly rub fanatic! She wants nothing more than friends and belly rubs. There was a new kid in town, well she lives here, new to us. Her name is Aspen and she is just the prettiest Australian Cattle dog you have ever seen, plus she’s a sweetheart! Betsy wasn’t a huge fan of her, but Aspen didn’t mind. She felt at home with everyone in the park. Before we knew it everyone was ready for another nap. They all found their spots in the park and got comfortable.

It was about time for most of our daycares to be picked up. First Betsy left followed by Miss Honey. Lucy went back in to the park and she found a new BFF. Aspen and her could not stop playing! Hercules and Havoc watched with their eyes half opened, they knew when to expel their energy and it’s when the Pack Leaders come in. Nothing will stop them from getting all of the attention possible from the Pack Leaders, not even Hercules outweighing the Pack Leaders. In the little dog park, Ralph came back in from his nap and immediately jumped up on the bench to then take another nap. You would think that dog is up all night and doesn’t get any sleep, but we all know he’s passed out from the time his mom goes to bed until his mom asks him if he’s ready for daycare. Soon enough it was time for the Pack Leaders to get back to their duties and take care of our boarding dogs, which means the adventure will continue again soon!